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Werner Slenczka presents an overview of Zika Virus in the book Emerging Infections 10, just published by ASM Press.
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The Eisen Lab research focuses on understanding the genomic basis for the origin of novelty (new functions and processes) in microorganisms. For many years, studies in this area were of limited scope. However, the advent of genome sequencing has allowed one to study the origin of novelty on a more global level. The Eisen lab’s main location is in the U. C. Davis Genome Center. Dr. Eisen has appointments in the Section of Evolution and Ecology and the Department of Medical Microbiology at U.C. Davis and an Adjunct Appointment at the Joint Genome Institute. Dr. Eisen has published more than 200 scientific papers and is a co-author of a relatively recently published Evolution Textbook.


Prior to moving to UC Davis Dr. Eisen was on the Faculty at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and helped pioneer many types of “phylogenomic” studies integrating evolutionary analyses and genomics.  While there he held an Adjunct Appointment in the Biology Department at the Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Eisen is also a strong proponent of the Open Access movement in scientific publishing and is Academic Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology. Dr. Eisen is also an active and award winning science blogger (see his Tree of Life blog here). For recent news see http://twitter.com/phylogenomics


Dr. Eisen earned his PhD from Stanford University in Biological Sciences where he studied with Prof. Philip Hanawalt and his undergraduate degree from Harvard College where he worked with Prof. Colleen Cavanaugh on chemosynthetic symbioses.