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Dr. Williamson's laboratory seeks to understand the role of host-pathogen genetics in the outcome of fungal infections. They use an array of methods from fungal genetics, cell biology, immunology, and population genetics to identify and validate weak points of the host-pathogen interface that might facilitate personalized therapeutic intervention. Ongoing projects include:

The role of specialized signal motifs in trafficking of virulence factors to the fungal cell wall

How copper is exploited by successful cryptococcal strains to facilitate its unique ability to produce meningitis and how the host attempts to counter pathogen acquisition in health and disease

Regulation of autophagy by Cryptococcus in latent and active infections

TOR-dependent regulation of autophagic-associated phagocytosis in macrophages and during T-cell differentiation

Genetic susceptibility to infection by Cryptococccus in non-HIV related infections

Genetic susceptibility to bloodstream infections by Candida albicans

International Studies: Early clinical and genetic markers of cryptococcal disease in AIDS patients and markers of immune reconstitution syndrome (Africa and India)


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