Application Deadline - February 15
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The ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) Program is to help develop the next generation of future scientists actively pursuing careers in the microbial sciences. Towards this goal, the Program supports highly motivated, promising undergraduate students, working with a faculty mentor at their home institution, in a research experience in the microbial sciences. Community college students are allowed to conduct research with a faculty mentor at a nearby 4-year institution. All students who will continue their undergraduate studies immediately after the summer in which they have conducted their research are eligible to apply. Students are expected to attend the 2019 Microbe Academy for Professional Development and ASM Microbe Meeting, pending acceptance of abstract. Faculty mentors must be committed to the development of undergraduate students interested in pursuing microbial science careers.

Students will:

  • Conduct a research project for a minimum of 10 weeks beginning in the summer of 2018
  • Work with faculty mentors who are ASM members and who are employed at the students home institutions, and
  • Submit a research abstract for presentation at the 2019 ASM Microbe Meeting. (Should the opportunity to present research at the Microbe Meeting conflict with graduation, then applicants should contact ASM).
The Program requires a team application from the faculty mentor and student mentee. Both applicants must be current ASM members and committed to presenting their research findings at ASM Microbe and sharing their learning experiences through ASM sponsored communications (e.g. reports, webpages, social media).
The program seeks:
  • highly motivated undergraduate students interested in a microbial science career.
  • full-time students, who are ASM members, matriculating at a US accredited institution and planning to continue their undergraduate studies immediately after the summer research experience.

Applications from students who come from non-research-intensive institutions such as community colleges and minority serving institutions or from underserved populations in science are encouraged to apply.

The program seeks:

  • highly motivated faculty committed to developing and mentoring undergraduate students to advance their interest and skills in the microbial sciences.
  • faculty members from all career stages are eligible to apply. Participation from early-career faculty is strongly encouraged.

Preference is given to faculty members who have not received an ASM URF in the previous two years.

Applicants who do not meet all eligibility requirements will not be considered.

Eligible student candidates for the fellowship must:
  • Be an ASM member, 
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident,
  • Be enrolled as full-time matriculating undergraduate students during the 2018-2019 academic year at an accredited U.S. Institution,
  • Be involved in a research project,
  • Have an ASM member at their home institutions willing to serve as a mentor, and
  • Not receive financial support for research (i.e., Council for Undergraduate Research, Minority Access to Research Careers, Sigma Xi) during the fellowship.

Eligible faculty mentors must:

  • Have an appointment at the same institution as the student applicant
  • Be ASM members, and
  • Have an ongoing research project.
Funding for the ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship program is provided by the American Society for Microbiology.
The Fellowship provides:
  • Up to $4000 toward a student stipend to engage in a 10-12 week, full-time summer experience 
  • Up to $2000 toward travel expenses to participate in the Microbe Academy for Professional Development (MAPD) and the ASM Microbe Meeting
    (Note: Travel funds are contingent upon acceptance of an abstract for ASM Microbe). 

Criteria for Selection
Student applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • Academic preparedness and interest in the microbial sciences,
  • Understanding about and interest in microbiology-relevant careers, and
  • Understanding about their contributions towards overall research goals

Faculty mentor applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • A commitment to mentoring students interested in careers in the microbial sciences
  • Early Career Faculty: The impact of this program on ones’ professional goals

Review of Proposals
To provide equal opportunity for students from all types of undergraduate institutions, proposals are grouped for review according to the Carnegie Classification of the applicant's institution. Awards are apportioned to each group based on the number of applicants received.

February 15

The application is currently unavailable.

The program requires a joint application from both the student and a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor must be an ASM member and willing to serve as the applicant's mentor for the duration of the research experience. It is student's responsibility to submit a completed application by February 15.

For more information, contact:
ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program
Education Board
American Society for Microbiology
1752 N Street
NW Washington, DC 20036

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