ASM Strategic Plan

ASM Strategic Plan


American Society for Microbiology
Approved by the CPC on April 18, 2015


The ASM Mission

To promote and advance the microbial sciences.


Goals & Objectives

Visionary Society

ASM’s culture of scholarship and innovation advances the microbial sciences.

1.1   Enhance ASM’s capacity to communicate authoritatively about the microbial sciences. 

1.2   Enhance ASM’s position as the voice of the microbial sciences. 

1.3   Strengthen ASM’s global partnerships and coalitions. 

1.4   Enhance ASM’s capacity to anticipate and shape the future of the microbial sciences.  

1.5   Increase key stakeholders’ knowledge about and awareness of the challenges facing and the importance of the microbial sciences. 


Science Learning Organization

ASM both educates and learns from stakeholders to ensure the growth and the advancement of the microbial sciences.

2.1 Cultivate an innovative environment for learning, content development and idea exchange. 

2.2 Increase efficiency and efficacy of programs by regularly assessing the program portfolio, individual services, and ASM’s products. 

2.3 Enhance responsiveness to members and stakeholders by regularly soliciting and acting on feedback. 

2.4 Increase engagement of the global microbial sciences community in the work of ASM. 

2.5 Enhance ASM’s capacity for personal, professional and scientific development. 


Value to Stakeholders

ASM is an inclusive organization, engaging with and responding to the needs of its diverse constituencies.

3.1  Increase ASM’s ability to identify and develop the next generation of leaders for the organization and the science. 

3.2  Strengthen the relationship of ASM’s products and programs to its brand.  

3.3  Increase our knowledge of and responsiveness to the current and emerging needs of diverse stakeholders. 

3.4  Improve outreach to current and potential members about the benefits of belonging to ASM. 

3.5  Increase awareness of the scientific community about ASM programs. 

3.6  Increase the opportunities for stakeholders to participate in or contribute to ASM. 

3.7  Enhance ASM’s ability to address all members’ needs through development and assessment of programs and services. 


Organizational Excellence

ASM is a vibrant, responsive and transparent organization.

4.1  Ensure ASM’s governance, organizational structures, and processes are transparent, inclusive, efficient and agile. 

4.2  Strengthen the technology infrastructure to support ASM’s goals. 

4.3  Ensure sufficient resources to achieve ASM’s goals. 

4.4  Encourage a culture of experimentation and calculated risk taking.