UNESCO-ASM Visiting Resource Person Program

Travelling to a resource-limited country? Spend an extra day with local colleagues!

Through the International Visiting Resource Person Program ASM and UNESCO offer ASM members who will be visiting resource-limited nations for any reason the chance to extend their stay and share knowledge with scientists from around the world!
Visiting Resource Person Activities:
• Visit a colleague at a local university or research institute
• Present a seminar on your area of expertise
• Discuss ideas for scientific research, curriculum development and international cooperation with faculty and students
• Inform faculty and students of ASM programs and benefits that support their work
Grants of $100-$200 may be used to cover housing for one-two nights, local transportation, and meals

Application Form

All components of the application should be submitted by e-mail to the department of International Affairs at (international@asmusa.org).  

  • Applications to visit institutions in developed nations, as defined by BOTH the UN high HDI group and the World Bank high income economy group, will not be considered.
  • A joint application from both host and visiting scientists should be submitted to the ASM International Affairs Department by e-mail and should include the CV of the visiting member, the dates of visit, a contact e-mail address, possible seminar titles, and a brief description of the member's research area and the benefits to the host.
  • Applications will be evaluated on the academic qualifications of the visiting scientist, the expected benefits to the host institution, and breadth and diversity of the anticipated audience. 

Grants will be distributed as reimbursements.  Budget elements requested in the application form include:

  • The cost of one night's stay at a reasonable hotel. In cases where transportation might be severely limited, two nights' stay will be considered.
  • Meals – breakfast and dinner. It is expected that the host institution will provide lunch. In the case of two nights hotel stay, an additional day’s meals will be considered.
  • The cost of local transportation, although the host institution should be prepared to assist in this area.
  • Cost of travel to the city. Generally, the cost of travel to the city of the host institution will not be reimbursed unless there are compelling reasons - for example, the ASM member might be traveling to a major city in a developing country for a short business or rest stopover, but the invitation for the seminar might come from an institution in another nearby city.

Typical awards are from $100 - $200 per institution visited. Applications to visit multiple locations may be submitted, but the Review Committee may decline to approve part or all of an application.

The ASM member will submit a reimbursement form to ASM listing the expenses and include receipts for the hotel bill, transportation, and all other expenses. A brief (one or two paragraphs) report describing the member's activities at the host institution must be submitted with the reimbursement forms for inclusion in a consolidated report to UNESCO.