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Scanning electromicrograph of an HIV-infected T cell. Credit: NIAID 

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"Imagining and HIV-Free Future" 

Join us in observance of World AIDS Day and hear from researchers working to end the pandemic of our time. We are broadcasting live on December 4, 2018 at 6:45 pm EST from the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

ASM Journal Articles

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Open Access Chapters from ASM Press

The human immunodeficiency viruses type 1 (HIV-1) and 2 (HIV-2) are enveloped RNA viruses that are members of the genus Lentivirus and the family Retroviridae. This chapter from the 2016 ASM Press title, Diagnostic Microbiology of the Immunocompromised Host, Second Edition covers a basic overview of the virus, its natural history and transmission, approaches to diagnosis, current CDC guidelines, quantitative viral load testing, resistance testing, and other valuable information for clinical care professionals and laboratorians. Read the full chapter at ASMPress


ASM’s Laboratory Capacity Strengthening (LabCap) program, with funding from the CDC, has supported the President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)  in 18 countries to improve quality diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, TB and other Opportunistic Infections. Diagnostic testing is the first critical step in providing care and treatment and working to fulfill the global vision for an AIDS-Free Generation.


HIV/AIDS: A Case-Based Learning Module for First-Year Medical Students from ASM’s open-access Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) provides the design and implementation of a case-based learning module to teach first year medical students about HIV.

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ASM Meetings & Conferences: Leading the Discussion on the HIV/AIDs Epidemic

The HIV/AIDs epidemic took the world by storm in the early 1980s. Shortly after the first initial reporting in June of 1981, ASM held its 21st ICAAC meeting in Chicago. That year, ICAAC featured a scheduled symposium on emerging diseases. A last-minute addition—a special presentation given by James Curran of the CDC—captivated the audience with little-known facts about a virtually unknown disease, later known as HIV/AIDs. Click here to read about the history of HIV/AIDS, the unraveling of this epidemic at ICAAC, and its impact on the discussions in the world of microbiology.  

Since then, ASM Meetings and Conferences have continued to lead the discussion on the HIV/AIDS epidemic with new research and recent findings being presented at its various meetings. ASM Microbe 2019, June 20–24, 2019, will feature several symposia that delve into the latest in HIV/AIDS research. Explore the ASM Microbe 2019 Itinerary Planner to see what’s in store.




Immune Based Therapeutics for HIV Care by Dan H. Barouch, MD, PhD


Role of Residual Viral Replication by Javier Martinez-Picado, PhD


Genome Engineering HIV and its Host by Paula Cannon, PhD 


Next Steps to Eradication by Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD 

Other HIV/AIDS Resources

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