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ASM offers virtual workshops led by experienced microbiologists to our global audiences. These workshops are available wherever an ASM member resides. Please read the descriptions below to learn about our current workshops and check back often to see new offerings. If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops please contact International Affairs.

Culture of Responsibility
The Culture of Responsibility virtual workshop raises awareness for biological safety, biosecurity, and the responsible conduct of research. The biological safety module poses the question “Is it safe to work in a microbiology lab?” and focuses on breaking the chain of infection. The biosecurity module goes through each layer of security for all laboratory levels. The final module, the responsible conduct of research, uses case studies to delve into the dual use dilemma and ask “What is a culture of responsibility?” This workshop was developed by leaders in these fields and includes built-in group discussion and activities for more active learning. Participants walk away with tools to identify, assess, and mitigate hazards for the benefit of science and their community.  

Art of Science Communication
This workshop provides foundational training for working scientists in effective scientific communication, in both professional and public contexts. Participtants will be introduced to the fundamentals of good communication, before exploring these topics more deeply within communication media. The workshop concludes with an exploration of communication in the public sphere, and discusses how to address complex and/or controversial issues related to science and technology.

Science Writing and Publishing
This virtual workshop aims to develop the skills needed to write and submit scientific manuscripts with the ultimate goal of improving the dissemination of research and enhancing knowledge sharing. The seminar will provide participants with insight and training into processes required to successfully publish a scientific article.



Scientific Writing and Publishing virtual workshop hosted by Young Ambassador to Uruguay, Dr. Paola Scavone.

swp workshop cameroon7


Young Ambassador to Cameroon, Emilia Lyonga, stands amongst participants of a Scientific Writing and Publishing workshop in Yaoundé.