Get Your Program CPEP Approved

Are you seeking accreditation (approval) for a postgraduate fellowship training program in medical and public health microbiology or medical laboratory immunology?

ASM's American College of Microbiology has appointed the Committee on Postgraduate Educational Programs (CPEP) to review applications and make decisions concerning accreditation. To learn more about the responsibilities of CPEP and the accreditation process, review the Operational Procedures Handbook.

In order to qualify for accreditation, your institution must meet these requirements:

  • Have complete clinical laboratories or reference laboratories that perform clinical and/or public health microbiology or immunology procedures
  • Be accredited, certified, or licensed as required by law
  • Adhere to non-discriminatory practices with regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, sexual preference, national origin or disability, in admission and treatment of students, postdoctoral students, and staff
  • Adhere to the ASM Code of Ethics
  • Meet the requirements in the design and conduct of CPEP-accredited medical and public health laboratory microbiology or medical laboratory immunology programs.

To apply for CPEP accreditation, follow these steps:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Identify your program's training rotation objectives
  3. Complete a self-evaluation for microbiology or immunology detailing strengths and weaknesses of the program

The application review and accreditation process takes up to 12 months. The review is a multi-step process and a site visit is conducted. The accreditation review process is defined in the Operational Procedures Handbook.