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ASM Members Only ASM Members Only

American Academy of Microbiology Colloquia (aam_colloquia): The American Academy of Microbiology publishes colloquia reports on issues of critical importance in microbiology.  Each report is based on a colloquium that brings together an invited group of scientific experts for several days of structured, directed deliberations on a specific topic.  Published reports synthesize conclusions reached during these important meetings, providing analysis of the scientific issues and practical recommendations for the future.

ASM Awards (asm_awards):  ASM is dedicated to acknowledging the best in microbiology.  The ASM Awards encompass the many subspecialties of microbiology, including biotechnology, clinical microbiology, environmental microbiology, antimicrobial chemotherapy, immunology, and virology, as well as education and service to the profession.  Sign up to receive alerts when new awardees are announced and approaching nomination deadlines.

ASM Journals (asm_journals): The ASM eJournals listserv is an email alert system that provides the latest news and announcements on ASM journals.  Receive the most u-to-date information on submitting manuscripts, pre-publication, pay-per-view and other relevant topics.

ASM Press Digital Catalogue (asm_press_digital_catalog)

ASM Bio (asmbioq08)

ASM Members Only ASM Clinical Microbiology Issues Update (asmclinmicroissuesupdate): The ASM Clinical Microbiology Issues Update will provide monthly updates on policy matters of concern to clinical microbiologists including Medicare reimbursement policy matters, CLIA updates, meeting summaries, and various topical policy matters such as the federal government’s response to antimicrobial resistance, bioterrorism and emerging infectious disease.  The “ASM ClinmicroIssuesUpdate” is brought to you by ASM’s Office of Public Affairs.

ASM Press (asmpress): ASM Press publishes a variety of books in all fields of microbiology.  Scientific monographs, textbooks, manuals, and reference books provide essential and up-to-date microbiological information for students, professional microbiologists and clinicians.  The Network posts current information related to the work of ASM Press, primarily news about current or newsworthy publications.

Whats New with ASM (asmwhatsnew_alert): Receive email notification that summarized the new information posted on ASM’s website.  The “What’s New Alert” messages are sent to you once a week.

Clinical Microbiology Hot Topics (clinmicrohottopic): To keep portal users informed of the hot topic blogs. Specifically, alerts will be sent when a topic is posted, the topics presentation materials are available, and when the topic’s Q & A has been archived.

Education Alerts (edualert): The Office of Education and Training will use this alert to communicate rapidly with students and teachers in the microbiological sciences about new or updated programs and resources which appear in the education section of the ASM Homepage.

General Meeting News (general_meeting_alert): For all ASM Members interested in being alerted to new deadlines and information related to the annual ASM Meeting.

ICAAC News (icaac_alert):  For all ASM members interested in being alerted to new deadlines and informant related to the annual ASM Meeting.

Job Alert (jobalert): ASM, in conjunction with JobTarget, sends a monthly alert notifying recipients of the latest jobs posted on ASM CareerConnections.

ASM Members Only International News (internationalalert): Receive an email notification when new information is posted to the International webpage.  We will provide information on the status of grants handled by the office of Minority and International activities, articles of international interest in Microbe, activities of the international committees, new links and other times of interest to our international members.

ASM Members Only Microbe Alerts (microbe_alert): Receive an email notification each month that contains the Microbe table of contents with hyperlinks that go directly to each section or article on the ASM website.

ASM Members Only The Minority Microbiology Mentor Newsletter (minoritymicromentor): The Minority Microbiology Mentor Newsletter is a monthly newsletter published by the Committee on Microbiology Issues Impacting Minorities (CMIIM).  The newsletter will distribute pertinent information to interested ASM members on information impacting underrepresented scientists, including career advice, networking tips, relevant news articles, funding and career opportunities.

ASM Members Only Meeting Alerts (mtgalert): You will be notified with new information is posted to the meetings pages, including updates on the General Meeting and ICAAC programs, when registration materials are made available, and when new conferences are determined and programs finalized.

ASM Members Only News Digest (newsdigest): A weekly compendium of news items available on the ASM Members Only website (including URLs) that focus on research and issues relating to the science of microbiology.

President’s Newsletter (presidents_newsletter):  A short, bimonthly email from the ASM president highlighting significant ASM activities of general interest.

Public Affairs Alert (publicaffairsalert): The Rapid Communications Network is designed to reach people who are actively interested in public policy issues.  The Network will inform ASM members of legislative or other issues that affect the microbiological sciences and will initiate, when appropriate, rapid letter writing or telephone campaigns to policy makers regarding issues.

Releases (releases): The Office of Public Communications will be providing press releases, meeting highlights that are summaries of selected presentations at the General and ICAAC meetings, and journal tip sheets, which are brief descriptions of newsworthy articles and in ASM journals.