Congratulations to the 2013 Indo-US Professors

Visiting Research Professor:
Mahadevan Subramony
Institution: Indian Institute of Science Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore, India
Host: Roberto Kolter
Host Institution: Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts, USA
Research Project: Investigations on the possible involvement of cell-cell contact for expressing a GASP phenotype


Visiting Research Professor: Suar Mrutyunjay
Institution: School of Biotechnology, KIIT University School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, India
Host: Jeffery F. Miller
Host Institution: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, USA
Research Project: Functional analysis of the Bordetella T3SS effector protein BteA


Visiting Research Professor: Chadha Bhupinder
Institution: Guru Nanak Dev University Guru Nanak Dev University; Punjab, India
Host: Rajesh Sani
Host Institution: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM&T), Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Research Project: Comparative analysis of cellulases and xylanases from thermophilic fungi, bacteria and commercial sources.


Visiting Research Professor: Jayasri Sarma
Institution: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research; Kolkata, India
Host: Randall Cohrs
Host Institution: University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine; Denver, Colorado, USA
Research Project: Multiplex array analysis of differentially expressed host genes involved in innate immunity and demyelination following MHV infection in mice.