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Application Guidelines: Heatley-Payne Exchange Program for Early Career Scientists


The application should demonstrate to the Review Committee: 

  • Academic excellence of the applicant - CV
  • Quality and originality of proposed presentation - Abstract
  • Quality and originality of proposed research visit - Synopsis of Research
  • Depth of the applicant's research experience - Synopsis of Research
  • Benefit of purposed research visit - Synopsis of Research
  • Active or emerging collaboration between the U.S. and U.K. institutions - Evidence of Collaboration 

Additional Guidelines:

  • Payment of the award is conditional on the acceptance of the applicant’s abstract to the Annual Spring Scientific Meeting of the SGM. The successful applicant will be asked to submit an abstract to SGM following the approval of his/her application by ASM. 
  • The proposed laboratory visit may be to learn a new technology or to carry out a short research project and must take place either in the weeks immediately preceding or following the scientific meeting.
  • The research work to be carried out in the host laboratory must be clearly defined. It must also be microbiological, but any appropriate area of the discipline will be considered for funding.  The grant supports visits within established collaborations and the development of new collaborative initiatives.
  • Applicants are expected to have adequate insurance arrangements and to be able to provide evidence of this. The grant does not cover the costs of insurance.
  • All grant recipients must complete a final report within one month their return to the U.S. 
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.





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