The Indo-US Professorships in Microbiology, sponsored by the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum, encourages partnerships between the United States and India. Open to ASM members and non-members alike, the program provides microbiological expertise to faculty and students in both countries by supporting grantees to teach interactive short courses or perform research projects. 
The ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professors for Round Two of 2012 are:


 Wei- Mei Ching- Senior Scientist, Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Department, Naval Medical Research Center , USA, was selected to be an awardee for the  ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Teaching Professorship to implement the short course, “Genomics and proteomics in diagnostic test design for detection of zoonotic diseases: Utility of these tools in evaluating assays using scrub.”

 Yadav Asheesh- Scientist (Permanent Position) at the Institute of Minerals and Material Technology on biological wastewater treatment, India,  was selected to be am awardee for the ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Research Professorship to implement the research project “Study on interaction of iron and microbial communities for developing high performing bioremediation technologies.”