ASM International Facebook Groups

ASM International Facebook Groups provide a platform for microbiologists to connect with each other for professional purposes. The Groups are open to ASM members, as well as microbiologists interested in learning more about the Society. The objectives of the ASM International Groups are:

  1. Foster interaction among current and prospective ASM members in a region or country;
  2. Provide a platform where microbiologists can communicate in English or the common language of the group on microbiology-related topics;
  3. Inform microbiologists of a particular region about relevant ASM resources, programs, and member benefits.

Please click on the following links to join one or more groups:

Latin America and the Caribbean


Western Europe

Eastern Europe and Eurasia

East Asia

Africa (Anglophone and Lusophone)

Africa (Francophone)

The Middle East and North Africa


South Asia


To learn more about how to join and all the tools available for Facebook Groups, please read the General Descriptions and Guidelines for ASM International Facebook Groups.