The Public Health Scavenger Hunt is a playful and creative investigation of basic public health concepts for small children. This activity leads them through a series of tasks including exploration and recognition of their surroundings, hygiene recognition, riddle and puzzle solving, and cardiovascular exercise. Students will gain an awareness of not only their surroundings, but also their body’s actions. By completing this activity, students will be are able to recognize direct cause and effect relationships, and their creative visual skills will be put to the test.

Public Health Scavenger Hunt (PDF)


Intended Audience








Learning Objectives

By completing this activity, student will have:

  1. Obtained a better understanding of how germs are spread.
  2. Used critical thinking skills.
  3. Demonstrated visual and descriptive acuity of the environment.
  4. Gained an awareness of their body.


Student Background

None required.



Public Health, Scavenger Hunt, Environment, Disease, Epidemiology


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