ASM Branches Listening Tour

ASM Branches Listening Tour

Dear ASM Branch member,

I'm on my way to see you. During 2016, I will be on the road for the first ever listening tour of the ASM Branches. I intend to visit in person all 36 ASM Branches in the United States. Actually I've already started. On the first weekend in April, I set out on the first of what will be a series of mostly weekend flying visits, dropping in on ASM Branches and meeting the members in their natural professional habitats.

When I became CEO of the ASM in January, I resolved to test what has been one of my core principles-I was going to listen to ASM members. Visiting all 47,000 ASM members at home seemed a little ambitious, but visiting all 35 branches could give me an incredible overview of part of the organization that is vital to our collective community. I know that once you have visited one ASM Branch, you have seen only that one branch, because they are as diverse as microbial sciences are. So I plan to see all 36 branches.

I want to hear firsthand what the branches need, what they cannot easily find elsewhere, and what they hope ASM Central can do for them. I also want to share the vision for the future of ASM as an organization and to communicate directly about the changes already underway at Headquarters and what changes are to come. It is also a great opportunity for making new friends and having a good time together.

feedbakEqually important to me is the chance to forge personal relationships with so many working microbiologists. During my first two visits, at the Indiana and Rio Grande Branches, I heard exciting stories of scientific discovery and of professional growth. For example, I met Indiana University SouthEast senior Tyler Mercer who is looking for ways to stay in the lab after he graduates. Tyler has become mesmerized by phages and by science in general, but he comes from a family background where there was not much support for studying science. It occurred to me that ASM has made a crucial difference for Tyler. Not only did ASM members show Tyler ways to pursue microbial science, but the very existence of the Indiana ASM Branch reassured him that there are other people who care a great deal about phages and that these people make a good living and have a great career by putting their curiosity and knowledge to work. I left Fort Wayne thinking that this is exactly why we are in business as an association. We are here to make members better off because of their involvement with ASM.

So the ASM Branches listening tour is off to a flying start. On this page you can see my future itinerary and stops so far. I will also post simple videos and photos I take during my visits. Stay tuned, and feel free to connect. As I will tweet about my Branch visits, follow me on Twitter @sutefune or just email me If your ASM Branch is not yet on my schedule, feel free to reach out so that we can meet!

Onward and forward, ASM Branches!




April 1-2, 2016 Indiana Branch ASM Meeting April 2016
April 1-2, 2016
Rio Grande Branch ASM Meeting April 2016
April 9, 2016 -
 Rocky Mountain Branch ASM 2016 Spring Meeting
April 14, 2016
Washington DC Branch ASM Joint Meeting with George Mason University Student Chapter ASM April 2016
April 20 2016 -
Northeast Branch ASM Spring Meeting
April 22-23, 2016
Michigan Branch ASM 2016 Spring Meeting
April 23, 2016 - 
Intermountain Branch ASM 2016 Meeting 
April 25, 2016
- Eastern Pennsylvania Branch
April 29, 2016
- Virginia Branch
May 10-11, 2016
Illinois Branch ASM (IL Society For Microbiology) 2016 Spring Meeting 
May 26, 2016
- Puerto Rico Branch
October 27-29, 2016
Southern California Branch 80th Annual Meeting


Indiana Branch - Fort Wayne, IN

Tim Donohue
ASM Past President Tim Donohue
John McKillip
John McKillip speaks about science education
Ellen Wagner
Ellen Wagner, Ball State University
Tanya Soule
Tanya Soule organizer of the ASM Indiana Branch meeting
Tyler Ulysses Mercer
Tyler Ulysses Mercer

Rio Grande Branch - El Paso, TX

Charles Spencer
Dr. Charles Spencer, President of the ASM Rio Grande Branch



Rocky Mountain Branch






Anne Spain
Anne Spain, President of the ASM Michigan Branch
Susan Dunn
Susan Dunn, Dean of Davenport University, host of the spring Michigan Branch meeting



Justin Nielsen and Luke Goldston
Justin Nielsen and Luke Goldston, Utah State University Eastern discuss their work with Small World Initiative
Professor Wayne Hatch
Professor Wayne Hatch, Utah State University Eastern, Small World Initiative
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen explains his research on the assembly of flagella in Salmonella
Matt Mulvey
Matt Mulvey, President of the ASM Intermountain Branch