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Top 10 Things You Need to Know about mSphereDirect

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mSphereDirect is an exciting new pathway to publish your research! This groundbreaking new submission path puts you in control of getting your original research reviewed and published as soon as possible.  We’ve prepared the most important things to keep in mind while preparing your manuscript submission:

10 Things You Need To Know

  1. Our mSphereDirect Instructions to Authors have all the detailed information you need for preparing your manuscript submission package.
  2. Our Author Checklist clearly outlines mSphereDirect’s submission requirements and reviewer criteria.
  3. If your invited reviewers have questions about the mSphereDirect process, our FAQs for Reviewers may help answer them.
  4. Before submitting via mSphereDirect, revise your manuscript based on the reviewer suggestions (just as with traditional reviews). The difference is our fast response!
  5. We want to help you publish your results as fast as possible! mSphereDirect accepts manuscripts directly or uploaded as a preprint from bioRxiv.
  6. Submit these items via mSphereDirect: a cover letter, the final reviewed and revised manuscript, a point-by-point response to reviewer comments, manuscript approvals emails from the reviewers, and review forms.
  7. Five business days – that’s the maximum amount of time until you hear if your manuscript is accepted. Submit on Monday morning and get  the decision letter by Friday!
  8. Submissions open on January 11th – receive $500 off your processing fees by submitting through mSphereDirect in its first year.
  9. Want to receive updates about mSphereDirect? Visit the mSphereDirect website and follow ASM on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news.
  10. Do you have lingering questions about our new mSphereDirect submission pathway? Contact us at journalsinfo@asmusa.org
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