International Mentoring Program: Guidelines to Developing a Productive Mentor/Mentee Relationship

A. Mentor

To prepare for your first meeting, you might want to:  

• Summarize your goals and expectations for the mentoring partnership

• Review your mentee’s profile or resume (CV, if available) to determine whether your area of expertise will be beneficial to the mentee

• Carefully determine the time that you have available for the meetings, e.g., “How should we work together? Will we stay in touch between meetings, and how?”


Next, interview your mentee. In preparation for that first meeting, review the list of questions listed below to select those that might be useful establishing the needs and expectations of your mentee and to get to know your protégé personally and professionally:

• What is important to you?

• What are your background and research/scientific experience?

• Which area have you practiced the most?

• What scientific areas would you like to develop?

• What skills do you have with which you are confident?

• Which training/advance courses have you taken, or plan to take?

• Which journals/books do you have access the most in your country/institution?

• Which skills do you desire to develop?

• How can I help you develop these skills?

• What attracted you to this program?

• At the end of the mentorship (one month, six months, one year) from now, how would you like to have grown as a result of this mentoring relationship?

• What one thing can I do to ensure a positive experience for you in this relationship?

• What should I expect from you in this mentoring partnership?

B. Protégé

To prepare for your first meeting, you might want to:

• Prepare an updated resume (CV) and or a detailed summary of your work experience

• Summarize your personal and professional goals. Be specific

• Identify your goals and expectation of the mentoring relationship

• Prepare a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to help you and the mentor determine which areas to focus on (go to:, for additional details about how to establish a SWOT analysis).


C. Note to all program participants

All ASM International Mentors are members of ASM.  However, any full ASM member can register as an International Mentor.  ASM does not qualify mentors prior to their registration.  In addition, any ASM member can search the database of International Mentors.  Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to: