Principles of Virology Fourth Edition

Principles of Virology, Fourth Edition



Authors: Jane Flint, Professor, Molecular Biology, Princeton University; Vincent Racaniello, Professor, Microbiology, Columbia University Medical Center;  Glenn Rall, Co-Program Leader of the Blood Cell Development and Function Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Adjunct Professor: Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University; Anna Marie Skalka, Professor, Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania and WW Smith Chair in Cancer Research, Director Emerita, Institute for Cancer Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center;

Principles of Virology is the bestselling virology textbook because it teaches virology by stressing principles: the rules for reproduction that EVERY virus must follow. This rational approach allows students to not only understand how reproduction is accomplished by known viruses, but it also prepares students for future studies with new or understudied viruses.


Principles of Virology is the ideal textbook for undergraduate courses in virology and microbiology, as well as graduate courses in virology and infectious diseases.


Features of the Fourth Edition:

  • Completely updated content, including new chapters on immunology and pathogenesis
  • 26 video interviews with imminent scientists who have made a major contribution to the subject of each chapter
  • Full color illustrations and animations
  • Links to Internet resources such as websites, podcasts, blog posts, and movies
  • A unique appendix for each volume, and a general glossary
  • Material is reorganized to teach more efficiently

Watch and listen as the authors detail these features and other comprehensive updates to the fourth edition [image]

Principles Taught in Two Distinct, but Integrated Volumes

The volumes can be used for two courses, or as two parts of a one-semester course. The two volumes differ in content but are integrated in style and presentation.

Volume I covers the molecular biology of viral reproduction, and Volume II focuses on viral pathogenesis, control of virus infections, and virus evolution. The organization into two volumes follows a natural break in pedagogy and provides considerable flexibility and utility for students and teachers alike.

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Volume I: Molecular Biology

August 2015.  569 pages (est.), full-color illustrations, glossary, index.

Paperback or eBook

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Volume II: Pathogenesis and Control

August 2015.  421 pages (est.), full-color illustrations, glossary, index.

Paperback or eBook

List and ASM Member Price: $100

Bundle: Volumes I and II

August 2015.  990 pages (est.), full-color illustrations, glossary, index.

Paperback or eBook

List and ASM Member Price: $180

Please follow the links below for additional information:

  • Table of Contents for Volume 1 [pdf]
  • Table of Contents for Volume 2 [pdf]
  • About the Authors [new page – see below]
  • Sample Chapter [pdf]
  • Preface to the Fourth Edition [pdf]


Separate Page:

About the Authors: [image]

Jane Flint is a Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.  Dr. Flint's research focuses on investigation of the molecular mechanisms by which viral gene products modulate host cell pathways and antiviral defenses to allow efficient reproduction in normal human cells of adenoviruses, viruses that are widely used in such therapeutic applications as gene transfer and cancer treatment. Her service to the scientific community includes membership of various editorial boards and several NIH study sections and other review panels. Dr. Flint is currently a member of the Biosafety Working Group of the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee.


Vincent Racaniello is Higgins Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Racaniello has been studying viruses for over 35 years, including poliovirus, rhinovirus, enteroviruses, and hepatitis C virus. He teaches virology to graduate, medical, dental, and nursing students and uses social media to communicate the subject outside of the classroom. His Columbia University undergraduate virology lectures have been viewed by thousands at iTunes University, Coursera, and on YouTube. Vincent blogs about viruses at and is host of the popular science program This Week in Virology.


Glenn Rall is a Professor and the Co-Program Leader of the Blood Cell Development and Function Program at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  At Fox Chase, Dr. Rall is also the Associate Chief Academic Officer and Director of the Postdoctoral Program.  He is an Adjunct Professor in the Microbiology and Immunology departments at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson, Drexel, and Temple Universities. Dr. Rall's laboratory studies viral infections of the brain and the immune responses to those infections, with the goal of defining how viruses contribute to disease in humans.  His service to the scientific community includes membership on the Autism Speaks Scientific Advisory Board, Opinions Editor of PLoS Pathogens, chairing the Education and Career Development Committee of the American Society for Virology, and membership on multiple NIH grant review panels.

Anna Marie Skalka is a Professor and the W.W. Smith Chair in Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Skalka’s major research interests are the molecular aspects of the replication of retroviruses.  Dr. Skalka is internationally recognized for her contributions to the understanding of the biochemical mechanisms by which such viruses (including the AIDS virus) replicate and insert their genetic material into the host genome. Both an administrator and researcher, she has been deeply involved in state, national, and international advisory groups concerned with the broader, societal implications of scientific research, including the NJ Commission on Cancer Research and the U.S. Defense Science Board.  Dr. Skalka has served on the editorial boards of peer-reviewed scientific journals and has been a member of scientific advisory boards including the National Cancer Institute Board of Scientific Counselors, the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Awards Assembly, the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Microbiology, and the National Advisory Committee for the Pew Biomedical Scholars Program.


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