ASM Conferences

ASM Conferences provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of specialized scientific information in an environment designed to encourage interaction amongst participants. In post-meeting surveys conducted since 1997, ASM Conferences have consistently exceeded expectations for excellence in execution and content. For all ASM Conferences since 1997, no less than 96% of participants say they would recommend the conference they attended to a colleague.  Each ASM Conference is selected to support the mission of the ASM Conferences Program.

The mission of the ASM Conferences Program is as follows:
  • To identify emerging or underrepresented topics of broad scientific significance
  • To facilitate interactive exchange in meetings of 100 to 700 people
  • To encourage student and postdoctoral participation
  • To recruit individuals in disciplines not already involved in ASM to ASM membership
  • To foster interdisciplinary and international exchange and collaboration with other scientific organizations

For more information about upcoming conferences, please select from the list of conferences below. To see program and abstracts books of ASM Conferences previously held, click on the "Past Conferences" link in the box in the right margin.