Minority Mentoring Program Welcome and FAQ for Mentees

Welcome to the Minority Mentoring Program!


We hope that the ASM Minority Mentoring Program serves as a useful resource to you as you move forward in your career.  The goal of the Minority Mentoring Program is to facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships between minority microbiologists and qualified professionals in their field of interest.  As a mentee looking for an online mentor, you play an integral role in a growing network of support for minority microbiologists.


Online mentoring provides the unique opportunity for colleagues in different locations and environments to exchange information and develop an enriching relationship.  While online mentoring relationships are most often initiated via email, the interactions between mentors and mentees continue to be informative and rewarding.


To assist you in establishing a mentoring relationship with an online mentor, the Underrepresented Members Committee has developed a short list of Frequently Asked Questions below to help guide your use of the program.  We hope this information is helpful to you as you contact online mentors and begin to pursue an online mentoring relationship with them.


The Underrepresented Members Committee welcomes your feedback as a mentee with the program.  We hope that as a first-time visitor to the website that you will participate in a survey to share your thoughts about the program and online mentoring.  To participate in the first-time visitor survey, please visit http://www.asm.org/survey/mmpmentee/survey.htm.  As we continue to evaluate the program, your insight as a mentee is a key component to insuring the program’s success.  We also encourage you to share any other comments you might have throughout the year with us.  To contact the committee, please email Michelle Crispino at mcrispino@asmusa.org or me at mswright@srrc.ars.usda.gov.


Thank you for using the ASM Minority Mentoring Program and good luck in your future endeavors!




Maureen S. Wright

Chair, ASM Underrepresented Members Committee




Frequently Asked Questions for Minority Mentoring Program Mentees


How will I communicate with online mentors?

As a mentee, you must initiate contact with the mentors matching your interests.  We recommend that you email mentors initially and reference the Minority Mentoring Program in both the subject line and text of your email message.  Also, in your initial communications we encourage you to identify your interests and mentoring needs to establish a clear understanding between you and the mentor.  Please note that some mentors may prefer to communicate by email only. We urge you to be considerate of mentor preferences.  


How many times can I use the Minority Mentoring Program?

As a mentee, you can search for a mentor as many times as you like.  Since some questions posed to mentors might not be in their field of interest or within their scope of knowledge, we encourage you to continue to use program to find a mentor who best matches your needs.