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Monday, 28 August 2017 15:55

Siderophores: A treatment target?

Siderophores are essential for bacterial pathogenesis—does that make them a weakness for researchers to exploit?

Published in Microbial Sciences

At the University of Maryland, Baltimore, researchers are using a practical method, bacterial enzymatic combinatorial chemistry (BECC), to generate functionally diverse molecules that can potentially be used as adjuvants.

Published in mBiosphere

A study published this week in mBio demonstrates that a novel technique can be used to build better vaccines for infectious diseases. The study shows that a practical method, bacterial enzymatic combinatorial chemistry (BECC), can be used to generate functionally diverse molecules that can potentially be used as adjuvants

Published in Press Releases

Bypassing the slow growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with computer models provides new ways to learn about the disease.

Published in Microbial Sciences

Improving the whooping cough vaccine to restore it to pre-reformulation levels of protection, without reducing its safety.

Published in microTalk
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 13:54

Coalition Letter Supporting Vaccine Safety

The ASM joined over 350 organizations in a letter to President Donald Trump expressing support for the safety of vaccines. 

Trace elements of Selenium, whooping cough, the importance of vaccination, and life as a veterinarian.

Published in microTalk

The search for an effective Epizootic Bovine Abortion vaccine, and studying diseases in sea mammals like sea lions and dolphins.

Published in microTalk

Researchers discuss current efforts underway and the most recent developments on the road to a universal flu vaccine.


Sunday, 18 September 2011 12:23

New Vaccine Technologies: Needle free Vaccines

Bruce Weniger, Associate Editor of the journal Vaccine discusses the latest research on cutaneous vaccination.

Published in ICAAC in Chicago 2011
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