Divisions of HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention


Curtis Kelly

Kelly Curtis, PhD
Center/Division/Branch: NCHHSTP/Div of HIV/AIDS Prevention-Surveillance & Epidemiology/Laboratory Branch
Phone: (404) 639-1002
Email: czv2@cdc.gov
URL: http://intranet.cdc.gov/nchhstp/dhap/branches/lb/index.shtml
Abstract: DHAP HIV Laboratory - Identification of Biomarkers for the Estimation of HIV Incidence


Co-Investigator: Michele Owens, PhD
Phone: (404) 639-1046
Email: smo2@cdc.gov


Ellen Kersh, PhD
Center/Division/Branch: NCHHSTP/Div of STD Prevention /Laboratory Reference and Research Branch
Phone: (404) 639-2728
Email: egk6@cdc.gov
URL: http://www.cdc.gov/std/dstdp/default.htm
Abstract: DSTDP Laboratory - Mechanisms of susceptibility to STI and HIV infection