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Discussions with researchers in the field of infectious diseases. microTalk is hosted by Karl Klose and colleagues from the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID).

Dr. Dimopoulos and Dr. Lazear discuss ways to control and prevent malaria, how worried we should be about Zika virus, and how climate change influences diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Dr. Dan Riskin host of the Animal Planet show about parasitic infections, Monsters Inside Me, discusses various topics ranging from his bot fly infection, to the thrill of watching bats emerge from a cave, and touching on how to communicate science to a general audience.

The genesis of the March for Science, the politicization of science, how to combat fake information on the internet.

Fungi and fungal infections, and the difficulty of identifying new anti-fungal drugs.

How plants protect themselves from viruses, and genetically modified plants.

How the internet both supports and undermines science and how, an era of "fake news," to restore the public’s trust in scientists.

Improving the whooping cough vaccine to restore it to pre-reformulation levels of protection, without reducing its safety.

Dr. Pukatzki discusses Type Six Secretion, cholera, and serendipity.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 16:54

Gnarly! The Surfer Biome Project – Mr. Cliff Kapono

Written by

Studying the microbial communities found on surfers around the world, to discover the signature of a surfer biome.

How the gut microbiome influence the ability of a host to resist being infected with malaria.  Dr. Schmidt discusses malaria parasites, mosquitoes, and eradication efforts.

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