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Discussions with researchers in the field of infectious diseases. microTalk is hosted by Karl Klose and colleagues from the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID).

How climate change is driving the death of coral reefs, and how the bacteria and viruses associated with the reef influence its health.

How studying viruses in extreme environments can give insights into the evolution of life on earth, and whether a virus is actually alive.

Algae are amazing microorganisms, and Dr. Mayfield says that the more you know about algae, the more you like them. 

Dr. Schuchat, Deputy Director, CDC, discusses current and future disease threats, the difference between perceived versus actual threats, and her experience with Hollywood during the filming of the movie Contagion. 

How CRISPR/Cas evolved, the various applications that is has been used for, some of the controversies associated with its use, and its further potential to improve human health.

Puerto Rican scientists describe what happened to their laboratories after the hurricane Maria.

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world, and is a very unique dry, high pH environment with special chemical properties. Amazingly, there are microbial communities that live within concrete.

How C. albicans’ interactions with the other microbes within the body influences its virulence, and the difficulty of developing antifungals that don’t harm people.

How the success of vaccines has ironically contributed to the rise of the anti-vax movement, how the way scientists talk about vaccines is important to increase vaccination rates, and the autism-vaccine controversy.

How V. fischeri can count how many friends are around them through quorum sensing and how they can specifically colonize squid.

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