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How social bacteria societies function: by sharing enzyme packages with each other that can contain toxins that are deadly for rivals but not for friends!

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New type of secretion system discovered that bacteria use to stab amoeba predators to escape their digestion!

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Phages bound to magnetic nanoparticles can be guided and pulled toward their target, penetrating biofilms to kill harmful microbes!

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Gut microbes in mice break down plant foods and produce molecules that stimulate the immune system to resist influenza!

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Learning about endosymbionts by comparing bacteria living inside eukaryotes to their free-living cousins!

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 18:47

Breatharian Bacteria - TWiM 169

How uropathogenic E. coli use a copper-binding protein to treat copper as a nutrient or a toxin, and Antarctic soil bacteria that survive on trace atmospheric gases.

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I talk with Dr. Walter Sandoval-Espinola, a researcher from Paraguay, now a postdoc at Harvard, about his discovery that biofuel-producing bacteria Clostridium beijerinckii can also transform CO2 and carbon monoxide into biofuels!

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Bacteria that prey on other bacteria could help keep corals healthy!

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In mice genetically modified to have Alzheimer's-like disease, giving probiotics reduced their degeneration!

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Bacteria affect fruit fly behavior by reducing their need and craving for protein-rich food!

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