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Gut microbe transplants from wild mice protect lab mice from disease!

Published in Bacteriofiles

How V. fischeri can count how many friends are around them through quorum sensing and how they can specifically colonize squid.

Published in microTalk

A simplified bacterial community in mouse guts doesn't have much community structure, relative to other body areas!

Published in Bacteriofiles

Watch where you step! Soil-dwelling bacteria may hold the key to the future of agriculture.

Published in Microbial Sciences

Phage therapy can work very well when combined with an effective immune response from the host!

Published in Bacteriofiles

Paraprobiotics, or killed probiotic bacteria, are studied for health effects, but results and study design are questionable!

Published in Bacteriofiles

Certain transposons, genetic elements that move around the genome on their own, have co-opted the bacterial immune system, CRISPR, to use for jumping to new hosts!

Published in Bacteriofiles

Unlike most animals, caterpillars don't seem to have a resident gut microbe to help them in various ways!

Published in Bacteriofiles

How social bacteria societies function: by sharing enzyme packages with each other that can contain toxins that are deadly for rivals but not for friends!

Published in Bacteriofiles

New type of secretion system discovered that bacteria use to stab amoeba predators to escape their digestion!

Published in Bacteriofiles
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