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Monday, 03 April 2017 09:38

Paige Turner - TWiP 130

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The TWiPniks solve the case of the Man With AIDS, and explore how secretion of extracellular vesicles influences the social motility of Trypanosoma brucei.

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

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Case Study for TWiP 130

Back in Peru. 24 yo female seen in ER, lives in rural area outside of big city, adobe house in highlands, thatched roof, dirt floor, 3000 meters. Quite ill with skin lesion for 48 h. 2 days before was pulling on pjs, felt sharp sudden pain in right upper leg. Next day found small living creature in pajamas, inguinal region. Developed red lesion, enlarged, developed black central dot. Then begins vomiting, comes to hospital. No fever, breathing fast 20, hr 70, bp 160/10, on exam see in right inguinal region an enlarging, necrotic area 1-2 cm, starting to look sick. Whites at 26000, left shift, 200 platelets, eosinophils 4%, bilirubin 3.5, creatinine 4.9 (going into renal failure, not making much urine). Hematocrit 14, BUN 59.7, CPK 227, RBCs and leukocytes in urine. No health problems, no surgeries, first interaction with health system. No toxic habit. Brings in the small creature!

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Music by Ronald Jenkees

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Vincent Racaniello

Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D. is Professor of Microbiology at Columbia University Medical Center. As principal investigator of his laboratory, he oversees the research that is carried out by Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows. He also teaches virology to graduate students, as well as medical, dental, and nursing students.

Vincent entered the world of social media in 2004 with virology blog, followed by This Week in Virology. Videocasts of lectures from his undergraduate virology course are on iTunes University and virology blog. You can find him on WikipediaTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His goal is to be Earth’s virology professor. In recognition of his contribution to microbiology education, he was awarded the Peter Wildy Prize for Microbiology Education by the Society for General Microbiology. His Wildy Lecture provides an overview of how he uses social media for science communication.