Program Description


The ASM/CDC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is sponsored by ASM and CDC. CDC provides the unique and fertile scientific environment necessary for young investigators to develop the needed skills and expertise in public health and infectious diseases. ASM provides scientific and administrative expertise to the Program.

The Program provides postdoctoral scientists ("fellows") opportunities to conduct novel research with the overall objective of developing practical applications of microbiology, immunology, and epidemiology for the diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases. High-priority research programs of the CDC include new and reemerging infectious diseases and drug-resistant microorganisms; infectious diseases acquired in health care settings; infectious diseases transmitted by animals and arthropods; infectious diseases of infants, children, immunologically compromised persons, and minority populations; and foodborne, respiratory, sexually transmitted, and tropical diseases.

The Program provides an opportunity for fellows to perform research at a premier federal agency with well-equipped laboratory facilities, allowing all types of laboratory procedures and biological containment up to and including P4 levels. Exploring new ideas, techniques, and approaches will both enhance the fellows' professional experience and contribute significantly to the national effort to combat infectious diseases. This comprehensive program provides opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary training on global public health issues.

The Program awards up to ten fellowship positions annually. Applicants are chosen through a competitive evaluation and selection process. The Program is similar to fellowships or other temporary programs at the postdoctoral level in universities, industry, and other government laboratories.