Industrial Microbiology

Industrial Microbiologists work on the utilization of microbes in the manufacturing of food and industrial products, such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, and chemical, and energy. Learn more about industrial microbiologists and the diversity of the field by reading their profiles. All of these microbiologists are certified by the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists (NRCM), an ASM certification board for professional microbiologists at the baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral levels who work in biological safety, food safety and quality, and pharmaceutical and medical device. To learn more about NRCM certification visit

"A Day at the American Type Culture Collection"
by: Megan Amselle, MT(ASCP), RM(NRCM)

"Continuing Your Education"
by: Jan Eudy, RM(NRCM)

Discovering My True Passion: A Career in Public Health
by: Susanne N. Zanto, SM(NRCM)

Food Microbiologist at Work
by: Maya Achen, RM(NRCM)

From Amerithrax to the CDC Bioterrorism Lab
by: Eduardo Gomez, Ph.D., SM(NRCM)

"In Terms of One"
by: Semaj McIver, RM(NRCM)

The Influence of Water Quality Upon Recovered Diatoms
by: Marion Freeman, RM(NRCM)

Microbiologist Enjoying Second Career with FDA
by: Patricia D. Stahnke, RM(NRCM)

Microbiology and Biosafety in Space
by: W.C. Wong, M.S., CBSP, CAIH, RM/SM(NRCM), M(ASCP), RPB

Microbiology and Management
by: Eric N. Hohol, RM(NRCM)

Product Development and Saving Lives
by: Heather Webb, RM(NRCM)

"Product Development and Saving Lives
by: Karla Aberle, M.S., RM(NRCM)

Sterility Failure…Connecting the Dots
by: Kevin R. Buckingham, RM(NRCM)