Continuing Your Education

Jan EudyAll my life I have been challenged to provide documented evidence of my competency. While in school, I passed tests to move to the next level. In the workplace, I earned certifications from nationally recognized certification bodies to move forward in my career. I first learned of the NRCM while working at Creighton Memorial St. Joseph Hospital in the microbiology laboratory. After I became a Registered Microbiologist, I was promoted to teach Medical Technology interns laboratory techniques in parasitology, mycobacteriology, and mycology. My favorite part of my job was attending seminars about case studies of patients diagnosed with infectious diseases. I enjoyed solving the case studies with my knowledge of microbiology.

Over the years, my certifications became my credentials to new opportunities in jobs with different companies. In addition to my certification as a Registered Microbiologist with the National Registry for Certified Microbiologists, I am certified as a Medical Technologist with a Specialist in Microbiology with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, a Certified Quality Auditor with the American Society for Quality, a Provisional Auditor with the RABQSA, a certified HACCP Trainer with the International HACCP Alliance and ServSafe certified.

Currently, I am the Corporate Quality Assurance Manager at Cintas Corporation. One aspect of my job is to stay abreast and compliant with the industry standards in the industries that have cleanrooms and controlled environments. I learn what is required by the various standards and communicate this information to colleagues at Cintas to create quality and risk management programs that will meet Cintas’ customer specifications.

I use the internet and free webinars to get most of my continuing education credits. Since 1998, I have given presentations at industry conferences and since 2003, I have written articles for Controlled Environments magazine so I am researching information for these presentations and articles and learning new facts every day. I enjoy learning the new information and then disseminating it to my colleagues. Success for me is to surround myself with knowledgeable people that can take this information and become more successful.

Jan Eudy, RM(NRCM), Corporate Quality Assurance Manager, Cintas Corporation; she was certified in 1977.

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