Session Types and Descriptions

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Career Talks

Informal, interactive sessions feature microbiologists from a wide variety of careers, sharing information on what they do and what to do to join their field. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions.


A Workshop or a Course is not a scientific session. It is separate from the core meeting and may be complimentary or have a separate registration fee. Courses feature a series of instructors that cover a selection of related subjects which are typically presented in a lecture format. Interactions are more centered on small group discussion and question/answer periods. Workshops are meant to be interactive. There are typically five presenters and the attendees fully participate in various ways.

Literature Review

The moderators of this session present a general overview of the past year’s most noteworthy publications related to infectious diseases and general microbiology.


These sessions permit attendees to interact directly with two specialists on a topic. After short presentations, the experts open the session for questions and answers during this 1 hour session.

New Agents Discovery Summary Session

The conveners of this session review all poster presentations that deal with new drug research and present an overview of the data presented.

Opening Session

This session is the official start to ASM Microbe 2018 to include a lecturer or lecturers whose expertise appeal to a broad audience.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions focus on interdisciplinary topics of broad interest and showcase transcendent science. Plenary sessions provide an opportunity to expand scientific knowledge and better understand new trends in the field of microbiology.

Poster Sessions

Accepted abstracts that are placed into poster sessions are displayed in the Exhibit and Poster Hall. Each poster stays on display for an entire day, and each presenter is available at his or her poster for a two hour time period, as published.

Poster Talks

Poster Talk presentations, selected by the ASM Microbe 2018 Program Committee, are designed to give poster presenters an opportunity to informally discuss their research with meeting attendees. These brief presentations allow poster presenters to present their research and answer questions from the audience. Poster Talks will take place in the Track Hubs using electronic posters.

Rapid Fire Talks

Short PowerPoint slide presentations (5 mins.), selected by the ASM Microbe 2018 Program Committee, are designed to give poster presenters an opportunity to highlight the most important parts of their research. Rapid Fire Talks will take place in the Track Hubs, as well as Lounge and Learn areas. 

President’s Forum

This forum highlights two speakers exclusively selected by the ASM President to cover a relevant topic in the microbial sciences.


  • 2.5 Hours Symposium: 2.5 hours long; 1 or 2 moderators lead the session, with 3 speakers that present for 30 minutes each. The remaining time will be filled with oral abstract presentations selected at a later date with ample time for discussion.
  • Profession of Microbiology session: Up to 2.5 Hours long; 1 or 2 conveners lead the session, with one or multiple speakers.

Track Hubs

Around 30-45 minutes in length and highly interactive; held in the specially designed structures in the Exhibit and Poster Hall.