ASM International Programs

Global Laboratory Capacity Strengthening (LabCap) Program
LabCap's mission is to build global laboratory capacity for all clinical microbiology in resource-limited countries.

ASM International Ambassadors Program
ASM International Ambassadors serve as a local contact for information on ASM and its activities in your country.

International Grants & Fellowships
These programs encourage international collaborations in research and training, as well as provide microbiological expertise and resources to scientists throughout the world.

Global Outreach Program
The ASM Global Outreach Program offers free ASM membership and a complimentary online subscription to MicrobeLibrary and all ASM journals to microbiologists in developing countries.

International Mentoring Program
Register as a potential mentor for a young international microbiologist. Search our interactive database of mentors in your field of study.

Listservs and Alerts
Sign Up for Email Alerts and Listservs, such as the International Alert Listserv, via the ASM homepage.