In 2006, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Zimbabwe began revising its national Laboratory SOP Manuals and requested technical assistance through CDC-Zimbabwe. Consultants representing CDC Cooperative Agreement partners were chosen by their respective organizations to support the revision. The scope of work included the following activities:

  • Working with an expert group of lab professionals to review technical and administrative SOPs for content and accuracy;


  • Developing procedural details required by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that were not in the original SOPs;


  • Developing QC procedures that would meet minimum ISO standards; and


  • Transcribing SOPs into the ISO format.

In October 2006, consultants traveled to Zimbabwe to partake in a week-long workshop held by ZINQAP, the Zimbabwe National Quality Assurance Programme. The purpose of the workshop was to evaluate the SOPs for accuracy and content and put them in the ISO format. Attendees of the workshop were divided into working groups of Microbiology, Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology and General Laboratory where they discussed the procedures and attempted to reach consensus on their content. The consultants spent the following week at ZINQAP formatting the procedural information acquired in the working groups. As of June 2007, ZINQAP were finalizing the transcription of the SOP Manuals.