An important LINK activity is developing a robust community of researchers, educators and trainees working together to ensure a stable and viable pipeline of STEM scientists. All participants who engage in LINK activities at ABRCMS and ASMCUE will automatically be enrolled in the LINK registry and listserv community, which will have dual purposes:


  • Facilitating conversations and networking after each conference
  • Building and supporting a community advancing the LINK mission, vision and activities


The registry includes information relevant to establishing professional relationships, such as contact information, scientific, educational and research interests. The registry and listserv will be established onsite during each conference, where members can become familiar with each resource to ensure continued and increased participation after the conference.


Interactions with the larger community will be encouraged on the listserv through the establishment of an e-journal club that includes recommended readings, reflections, and discussions. It is anticipated that LINK teams will participate in the listserv for a minimum of 24 months after attending ABRCMS and ASMCUE.


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