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Bring microbiology to your community

In 2015, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) launched the ASM Agar Art contest to share the beautiful and diverse world of microbes with the public. Our participants have shown us time and again that you don't need to be an expert microbiologist to make beautiful Agar Art - it's something anyone can create with access to a basic laboratory. Partner with us for the 2018 ASM Agar Art contest and get your community involved with the art of microbiology. We will provide you with “how-to” expertise, materials support, and recognition. As a partner, you will provide your community with one or more public workshops in a BSL-1 environment, empowering them to create their very own living masterpieces. Best of all, your participants can win more than $200-worth of prizes!


Example submissions from 2017 created in Agar Art partner labs.

Have you ever seen art created in a petri dish using living, growing microorganisms? That’s agar art!

PLEASE NOTE that ASM and/or the artists hold COPYRIGHT for all images submitted to the ASM Agar Art contest. Please contact us if you would like to use them so that we can ensure proper licensing and attribution.




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Your Responsibilities

  • logistics, marketing, and content development for at least one public, in-person workshop for creating Agar Art to be held by April 13, 2018
  • conduct the workshop(s) in a biosafety level 1 (BSL-1) environment in accordance with the ASM Guidelines for Biosafety
  • provide appropriately trained staff or volunteers to lead the workshop(s)


Our Responsibilities

  • provide you with an Agar Art Resource Kit including a workshop case study, lists of suggested organisms and agars, and a standardized set of six colorful, BSL-1 microbe stocks
  • network partners with each other to share expertise and resources
  • promote your organization's participation online and through social media
  • provide workshop participants with access to the Agar Art submission platform
  • secure judges and run the judging process for all Agar Art segments




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