3rd ASM Conference on Salmonella: Biology, Pathogenesis & Prevention

October 5 - 9, 2009, Aix en Provence, France
Conference Organizers: Ferric Fang University of Washington Richard StrugnellUniversity of Melbourne Olivia Steele-Mortimer NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories Duncan Maskell University of Cambridge
Stéphane Méresse
Université de la Méditerranée, Marseilles  Conference Scope: Despite considerable progress in our understanding of bacterial pathogenesis,Salmonella infections continue to cause substantial morbidity and mortalityworldwide. Foodborne outbreaks continue to occur with regularity, and theisolation of Salmonella from food sources such as chickens appears to beincreasing. A number of Salmonella serovars cause substantial disease andeconomic losses in livestock. In the U.S. alone, Salmonella infects more than amillion people each year and costs an estimated $3 billion in losses toagriculture. Co-existence of Salmonella and HIV infection in many parts of thedeveloping world causes more than a million deaths each year. We propose ameeting that will integrate recent developments in subject areas ranging from thebasic biology of Salmonella to genomics, epidemiology, pathogenesis, anddisease prevention. The goal is to integrate these diverse disciplines in order tocreate a holistic appreciation of the Salmonella field and what remains to bediscovered before the burden of Salmonella-associated illness can beameliorated.
Preliminary Session Topics: SESSION 1: Evolution & Genomics (incl. Phages)SESSION 2: Genetics & PhysiologySESSION 3: Epidemiology & Clinical Aspects (incl. Antibiotic-Resistance)SESSION 4: Animal Infections & Food SafetySESSION 5 & 6: Pathogenesis (incl. Systems Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology)SESSION 7: Immunology & Vaccines