Conferences Questionnaire

  1. What is the proposed conference title?
  2. What topics would be covered? Provide a brief description of the conference goals and a sketch of the conference program, including key speakers you envision as part of the invited program.  Speakers should be those whom it is reasonable to expect would accept the invitation if the conference is approved. 
  3. Are you willing/planning to be the principal organizer?
  4. Who else would be involved in organizing this conference?
  5. Are there other conferences on the same subject? If so, when are/were they scheduled and who were the sponsors?
  6. Who would be interested in knowing about this conference (i.e. other membership organizations, study sections, etc.)? Provide a brief description of who should attend.
  7. Of those potentially interested, what would be the best way to get the information about the meeting to those people? Are you willing/able to obtain a mailing list? Include recommendations on ASM journals and membership divisions that would reflect the interested audience.
  8. What potential sources exist for raising funds for this conference (i.e. government grants, industry support, etc.)?  Corporate sponsorship requests and grant applications are required of organizers for all ASM Conferences.  Social events and travel reimbursements for speakers and organizers are contingent on fund raising success.  Please provide as detailed of a list of potential resources as possible to allow the Committee to evaluate this aspect of the proposal.
  9. How may people would you expect to attend, including speakers?  How many of these participants would you project would be submitting and presenting abstracts at the conference?  Does your plan include oral presentations selected from abstracts?
  10. When is the best year to hold this conference?  Are there certain months that should be avoided due to competing meetings? 
  11. Are there any site preferences for the conference?  ASM makes the final determination on the site selection, but will endeavor to locate the meeting in a destination suitable to the organizers and time of year selected.