Minority Microbiology Mentor Newsletter

The Committee on Microbiological Issues Impacting Minorities (CMIIM) has developed an e-newsletter for distributing pertinent information to underrepresented minorities in microbiology and their advisors. This monthly publication, called "The Minority Microbiology Mentor,” will be distributed to members who sign up via the ASM website by clicking Subscribe to Email Alerts. It will include information such as career advice, networking tips, relevant news articles, unique funding and career opportunities, microbiological issues affecting minorities (e.g., HIV), minority issues affecting microbiologists (e.g., minority retention), and scientific articles published by minorities or by minority-serving institutions (MSIs). The target populations are African-Americans, Latino-Americans, and Native Americans; however, all ASM members are invited to sign up and to share this information with others who may find this e-newsletter beneficial.