Speakers' Bureau

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is pleased to announce a Speakers' Bureau of microbiologists and immunologists. These speakers would love to come to your next ASM Student Chapter meeting to discuss their career in microbiology! Its purpose is to educate students about the many microbiology-related career opportunities.

The Speakers' Bureau features experts in the clinical laboratory and industry, including biosafety, food, medical device, and pharmaceuticals who are eager to talk to you about their dynamic careers in microbiology. You can hear first-hand from speakers who have contributed to microbiome projects and biosecurity planning and chat with outbreak responders about curious cases! These experts will discuss their career highlights and day-to-day responsibilities.

Explore careers in infectious diseases, chemical contamination, and bacterial pathogens!

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I am very happy that ASM has started this program; it helped our students to learn about another career path. – Dr. Poonam Gulati, Professor, University of Houston- Downtown

The students were appreciative of the opportunity to learn about the career options available to microbiologists in the field of biosafety and biosecurity which many of them were completely unaware of prior to Dr. delaRosa’s visit. – Dr. Rosana Schafer, Associate Professor, West Virginia University

I think it's a great program and I would like to see more speakers. –Student from Georgia Tech

[The speaker] did an excellent job in presenting her experience to both undergraduates and graduate students. I really feel she opened the door to industry careers which are often forgotten about. – Student from University of North Texas

I enjoyed that I was able to hear our speaker talk about her career with just having Bachelors of Science and hearing how the microbiology plays a role in the industry. – Student from University of North Texas

Gain insight into:GA Tech Lab Visit

  • Career paths
  • How to acquire a job in microbiology upon graduation 
  • ASM career resources, including certification

Each speaker has submitted a profile that provides information about their experience in microbiology and career path. 
The profiles can be searched by zip code, state, and scientific area. Click here to find a speaker near you
A geographic map is also available for finding local speakers.

 Students from the Georgia Institute of Technology
visiting the lab at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta

If you are interested in inviting a speaker to an upcoming ASM Student Chapter meeting, scheduling a conference call, or a video call presentation, please email professionalpractice@asmusa.org. Please include three possible dates and times and ASM will contact the speaker to confirm their availability. Once the presentation has been scheduled, you will work directly with the speaker to finalize the event’s specifics (e.g. address of where the presentation will be held, AV needs, the number of expected attendees). There is no cost to the chapter but you will be asked to complete a post-presentation survey.

If you are interested in a four minute narrative on a career in clinical microbiology by David Craft, Ph.D., D(ABMM), please email professionalpractice@asmusa.org.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about microbiology!Donna Wolk Video-Screen Cap

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, log in and complete the volunteer form.

Please feel free to contact Nicole Jackson with any questions:

Nicole Jackson
Program Coordinator, Professional Practice
American Society for Microbiology 
Phone: 202-942-9257                                                                                                          
A student at Penn State University introducing local
speaker Dr. Donna M. Wolk, D(ABMM)