Start a Student and Postdoctoral Chapter


Join a Student and Postdoctoral Chapter
Chapters provide opportunities to:

  • Create networks with students, faculty, industry, and clinical laboratories
  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Develop leadership instincts
  • Collaborate with peers and local Branches
  • Give back to your community and support your science through K-12 engagement
  • Seek mentors outside your academic institution

To join a Student of Postdoctoral Chapter, use the map to identify your closest Student and Postdoctoral Chapter and email the faculty advisor expressing your interest in joining. 

If your local chapter is inactive, you can revive it or, if you don’t see a local chapter, you can start one!


Revive a Student and Postdoctoral Chapter
Contact us with the name of your faculty advisor.

Start a Student and Postdoctoral Chapter
If you are looking for leadership experience and the chance to network with your peers and senior microbiologists, start a student and postdoctoral chapter at your university or with other institutions.

To obtain ASM Student Chapter status, complete these steps:

  1. Draft a constitution for your group.  A sample is available here.
  2. Seek initial sponsorship from your university. Universities have various requirements for forming on-campus groups. Consult your student affairs department to make sure you are in compliance with your institution. If your club is comprised of multiple institutions seek sponsorship from a local ASM Branch in place of a university by following step 4. 
  3. Select an advisor who is a member of national ASM.
  4. Ask your local Branch for sponsorship. Contact your local ASM Branch President Branch President and request sponsorship to become an ASM-recognized Student Chapter and enclose a copy of your constitution. If your Branch is unable to sponsor your Chapter, please send your request to us and we will follow up.
  5. Your Chapter is provisionally approved! Once the Branch approves your Constitution your Chapter will be provisionally approved. It will be officially approved by the ASM Council during Microbe 2016 so make sure your proposal is submitted no later than May 18, 2016.
  6. Optional: Apply for the Student and Postdoctoral Chapter Support Program to receive up to $300 per calendar year to fund chapter activities at the university. Funding is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply in the start of the calendar year, January 1. To apply, follow the instructions and complete the Student and Postdoc Chapter Funding Proposal Form. Please note that awarded Student and Postdoctoral Chapters must submit an Annual Report to ASM HQ that includes a short report on the funded activity by April 15th. Direct any question to Anne Dempsey at

Ideas for your Next Activity
Are you looking for ideas on your next ASM Student and Postdoctoral Chapter event? Check out the events from the past year:

  • Site visits to state health departments, breweries, industry companies, cheese making factories, waste water management plants, NASA, and CDC
  • Planned symposiums/conferences with local ASM Branch
  • Networked with microbiologists from different careers
  • Conducted community outreach activities such as extracting DNA from strawberries, assessing water quality, and “Meet the Scientist” scavenger hunt
  • Planned a Microbiology Jeopardy game
  • Invited a speaker from the Speakers’ Bureau Program

Contact Info
Please email us if you have any questions.