Monday, 06 March 2017 14:24

Coalition Letter Regarding the UN and WHO’s Commitment to Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

His Excellency Mr. António Guterres
United Nations Secretary-General
United Nations Headquarters
405 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017, USA

Her Excellency Dr. Margaret Chan
World Health Organization Director-General         
World Health Organization Headquarters
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Genève 27, Switzerland

Dear H.E. Secretary-General António Guterres and H.E. Director-General Margaret Chan,

We, the undersigned organizations, are members of the U.S. Stakeholder Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance (S-FAR), convened by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). As organizations committed to advancing solutions to address the public health crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), we were greatly encouraged by the political declaration of the high level meeting on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in September 2016. We are eager to see progress in advancing the goals of the political declaration, including the establishment of the interagency coordination group that draws upon the expertise of relevant stakeholders.

Antimicrobial resistance threatens to turn back much of the progress our world has made in reducing serious illness and death caused by infectious diseases. AMR further jeopardizes the ability to perform many medical procedures, including safe childbirth, many surgeries, and cancer chemotherapy. According to the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, led by Lord Jim O’Neill, if we do not act to address AMR, resistant infections are expected to kill 10 million people and result in 100 trillion USD in lost productivity annually by 2050.

S-FAR was founded on the principles that well-coordinated and well-financed efforts are needed to address AMR, and that governments cannot combat AMR alone. Robust participation of civil society is needed, including healthcare providers, pharmacists, veterinarians, patients and their families, consumers, payers, public health entities, industry, farmers and ranchers, researchers and academia, advocates, and others. All of these stakeholders can help inform policy, create awareness, and mobilize key constituencies and the broader public to support action. Many of us are working individually and collaboratively to advance initiatives in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship; infection prevention; surveillance and data collection; and antimicrobial drug, diagnostic, and vaccine research and development. We look forward to opportunities to work with you on global efforts to combat AMR.

We are pleased that many individual nations are working on action plans for addressing AMR, and look forward to reports on the status of these efforts at the World Health Assembly in May 2017. However, while actions by individual nations are important, well-coordinated global activity is essential. We would greatly appreciate reports on progress and opportunities to work more closely with you to advance to goals of the political declaration on AMR. We strongly encourage you to move quickly to establish the interagency coordination group called for in the political declaration to help ensure multinational coordination and accountability. We further urge you to ensure that this group includes representation or regular interaction with non-government stakeholders and experts.

Thank you again for your commitment to addressing the public health crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Please do not hesitate to call upon us to help with this important work.


Accelerate Diagnostics Inc.
Alliance for Aging Research
Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
American Society for Microbiology
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
American Thoracic Society
American Veterinary Medical Association
Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention
Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center
George Washington University Antibiotic Resistance Action Center
Gerontological Society of America
Immune Deficiency Foundation
Infectious Diseases Society of America
March of Dimes
Michigan Antibiotic Resistance Reduction Coalition
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Novadigm Therapeutics
Oncord Inc.
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Sepsis Alliance
Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists
Spero Therapeutics
The Fecal Transplant Foundation
The Pew Charitable Trusts