Monday, 18 December 2017 14:05

ASM Supports Evidence-Based Science to Inform Policy

The American Society for Microbiology supports the leadership and the scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in all federal agencies in using evidence-based science to inform budget and policy decisions surrounding prevention and defending the country from public health threats. Any attempt to limit the types of words used by our federal scientists in relaying their research results and decisions is not acceptable. We are relieved to hear from Dr. Fitzgerald that “there are no banned words at CDC” and we encourage our CDC colleagues to continue their excellent work.

To inform and influence sound federal policy, the ASM and its members must repeatedly present clear, science-based messages without limitations to policymakers and the broader public on the value of scientific knowledge that results from research. ASM members wishing to relay their views on this and other relevant scientific issues and advocate for microbial sciences can contact their legislators directly through the advocacy page on ASM’s website.