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Hello Western Panama!

Panama - Kent MacElweeASM Ambassador to Panama, Loyda Oduber brought together 43 microbiologists for a one-day ASM event at the Hospital Materno Infantil José Domingo de Obaldia in Chiiriqui, a province in western Panama.


Class in Session

demo4Lebanese Students Learn about Antimicrobial Susceptibility


Expanding Collaborations in Yemen


An official launch ceremony for the ASM-Taiz University Bio Resource Center (BRC) was held on September 5th in Taiz, Yemen.  The event, which was covered by several local news outlets, included presentations by university leadership and the ASM Ambassador to Yemen.  Following the opening ceremony and tour of the center, students and faculty participated in a presentation on Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery hosted by the BRC.   By offering access to both lecture events and resources such as ASM books and journals, the Center will serve as a dynamic and effective instrument for advancing microbiology among the nearly 2,000 students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and interested members of public.  To learn more, please contact International Affairs.