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Nigeria ranks 10th in the 22 high-burden TB countries in the world. ASM is providing technical support for the development of the next 5-year plan for TB control in Nigeria, to follow the current Nigerian National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control 2010-2015. In mid-November, ASM consultants will join the National TB and Leprosy Control Program, as well as national and international stakeholders to finalize the draft plan. It is hoped that the ambitious goals of the next 5-year will place Nigeria firmly on the path towards realizing zero childhood deaths and MDR-TB.

The recently-released World Health Organization’s Global Tuberculosis Report 2013 identified two critical challenges for global TB control: (1) Estimated 3.0 million “missed’ cases, and (2) Drug-resistant TB crisis. ASM International Affairs is addressing these gaps in several high-burden countries by improving laboratory capacity for quality assured TB diagnostics.

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