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Hello Western Panama!

Loyda Oduber - Panama

ASM Ambassador to Panama, Loyda Oduber brought together 43 microbiologists for a one-day ASM event at the Hospital Materno Infantil José Domingo de Obaldia in Chiiriqui, a province in western Panama. In collaboration with the Dean of the School of Natural Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí, the event was highly publicized to microbiology professors and medical technology students. Seminar attendees participated in a virtual lecture on Optimizing Specimen Management by Dr. Mike Miller and the ASM Workshop on Best Practices in Scientific Writing and Publishing, led by former ASMCUE Leadership Grantee, Dr. Carmen Indira Espino. Previous ASM activities have been concentrated in Panama City, so this was the first exposure of ASM for most of the attendees, who expressed interest in attending future ASM events. 





Photo by Kent MacKlwee