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Collaboration with NAYS in Pakistan

Pakistan 2014-01-18 FCC biosafety workshop9 edit



ASM Young Ambassador to Pakistan, Ms. Samreen Sarwar, and the leadership of the National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), have developed and executed a series of “Biosafety for Young Scientists” workshops across Pakistan. Thus far, ASM has supported three workshops in Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar and plans are in the works for cities in the south of Pakistan. Each workshop has reached approximately 50 young scientists with lecture-based and hands-on training in the principles of laboratory biosafety, including the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE), handling of sharps, and disinfection/decontamination. Additionally, these workshops have been an excellent means of disseminating the ASM Guidelines for Biosafety in Undergraduate in Teaching Laboratories. ASM is excited to work with NAYS to build up knowledge and skills in this crucial area of microbiology.