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Snapshots of ASM Ambassadors at GM 2014




ASM staff, Young Ambassadors, Ambassadors, delegates from around the world, ASM leadership and ASM members met in Boston, Massachusetts for the asm2014 meeting.




ASM International Director Jason Rao, ASM President Tim Donahue, and a cohort of ASM Young Ambassadors discuss challenges, successes, and future opportunities for the Young Ambassador Program during the Young Ambassador Meeting and Retreat.



ASM Young Ambassadors, Ambassadors, and international delegates from India, Malaysia, and Pakistan joined Dr. Natasha Griffith for an all-day Culture of Responsibility workshop.



The ASM International Board Reception gathered all international delegates as well as ASM leadership for an evening of lobster rolls, good conversation, and a few remarks from International Affairs Director Jason Rao and ASM President Timothy Donahue.



ASM Young Ambassadors and staff take a picture during the Cultures shaker, a cocktail mixer that brought together nearly 100 Cultures supporters and ASM members. Contributors Dr. Navid Madani and Dr. Jawad Asghar each spoke briefly about their pieces and the magazine as a whole.



Drs. Navid Madani, Geffrey Gelfend, Aisha Juman, and Rana Jawad Asghar answer thought-provoking questions during the IB Special Session on Science in Hard Places.