Applied and Environmental Science

Applied and Environmental Science (AES) is well-covered in the program of ASM Microbe 2018. The most exciting findings in this field in the last few years will be presented including recent, game-changing discoveries of microbial players and physiologies in the major biogeochemical cycles, microbial interactions, and elctromicrobiology and synthetic microbiology. 


AES01: Aeromicrobiology

AES02: Microbiology of Agricultural Systems

AES03: Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment 

AES04: Biofilms in Applied & Environmental Science

AES05: Biofuels & Biproducts

AES06: Bioremediation, Biodegradation, Biofouling, and Biocorrosion 

AES07: Electromicrobiology 

AES08: Fermentation & Biotransformation 

AES09: Freshwater, Wastewater, Drinking Water, and Marine Microbiology 

AES10: Genetic & Metabolic Functions in Environmentally Relevant Microbes 

AES11: Microbiology of Food, including Spoilage, Fermentation and Priobiotics

AES12: Microbiology of the Built Environment 

AES13: New Microbial Processes for Resource Recovery, Carbon Capture, and Resource Efficiency

AES14: Detecting, Characterization, and Source-Tracking of Environmental Microbes

AES15: Synthetic Biology

AES16: Geomicrobiology

AES17: Food Pathogens