Host-Microbe Biology

Host-Microbe Biology (HMB) is represented in its full glory at ASM Microbe 2018. Sessions on studying phages, conflict and resolution in evolution, bacterial warfare within the host, and more will cover the cutting-edge biology in the field. 


HMB01: Animal Infections

HMB02: Genetic & Physiological Adaptation to the Host

HMB03: Host Response to Microbes

HMB04: Cellular/Molecular Host-Microbe Interactions

HMB05: Invasion & Survival in Host Cells 

HMB06: Manipulations of Host Functions by Microbes

HMB07: Microbe-Plant Interactions 

HMB08: Microbial Symbioses with Invertebrabrate Hosts  

HMB09: Microbiome-Host Interactions

HMB10: Phage-Host Interactions

HMB11: Polymicrobial Pathogenicity and Symbosis

HMB12: Sepsis & Inflammation 

HMB13: Surface Structures of Pathogenic Microbes 

HMB14: Toxins & Secreted Factors

HMB15: Virulence Regulatory Mechanisms

HMB16: Virus-Host Interactions

HMB17: Microbial Metabolism & Host Association

HMB18: Anti-pathogen Strategies