Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Microbial Ecology and Evolution (MEE) – formerly known as the Ecological and Evolutionary Science track – encompasses many aspects of microbial and phage ecology and the roles of microbes in their natural environments. Our rapidly advancing knowledge of the complexity, immense diversity, and important roles of natural microbial communities will be highlighted in many of the exciting MEE sessions.


MEE01: Biofilms in Ecological & Evolutionary Science

MEE02: Biogeochemical Processes and Systems Biology

MEE03: Climate Change and Microbes

MEE04: Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics

MEE05: Ecology and Evolution of Viruses & Phage

MEE06: Ecological & Evolutionary Modeling & Theory

MEE07: 'omics to Study Ecosystem Function

MEE08: Patterns, Mechanisms & Experimental Approaches in Molecular Evolution 

MEE09: Polymicrobial Interactions of Ecological or Evolutionary Significance 

MEE10: Systems Biology 

MEE11: Unusual Microbes & Extreme Environments