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Molecular Biology and Physiology

MBPThe Molecular and Biology and Physiology (MBP) track is a broad track that covers the full spectrum of molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie microbiological phenomena. The shared emphasis in the various MBP sub-tracks is to achieve a detailed mechanistic understanding of microbial life at the cellular and molecular level.



MBP01: Assembly and Structure of Complexes

MBP02: Computational Genomics, Databases and Modeling

MBP03: Enzyme Mechanisms 

MBP04: Eukaryotic Cell Biology

MBP05: Gene Regulatory Mechanisms

MBP06: Genome Dynamics and Horizontal Gene Transfer

MBP07: Growth and Development of Microbial Cells

MBP08: Metabolic Networks and Microbial Physiology 

MBP09: Molecular Biology and Physiology of Biofilms

MBP10: Motility Mechanisms

MBP11: New Genetic and Genomic Tools 

MBP12: Phage Biology and Genomics  

MBP13: Protein Secretion and Surface Localization 

MBP14: Replication/Repair/Recombination 

MBP15: Stress and Stimulus Response Mechanisms

MBP16: Structural Biology

MBP17: Virus Assembly Mechanisms



Hear from Top Speakers

Tania Baker
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tam Mignot
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifiqu
Forest Rohwer
San Diego State UniversityMayo Clinic
Jie Xiao
Johns Hopkins Univrsity

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Beyond the Central Dogma
June 8, 2018 • 8:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. 



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