Molecular Biology and Physiology

The Molecular and Biology and Physiology (MBP) track is a broad track that covers the full spectrum of molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie microbiological phenomena. The shared emphasis in the various MBP sub-tracks is to achieve a detailed mechanistic understanding of microbial life at the cellular and molecular level. 


MBP01: Assembly & Structure of Complexes

MBP02: Computational Genomics, Databases & Modeling

MBP03: Enzyme Mechanisms 

MBP04: Eucaryotic Cell Biology

MBP05: Gene Regulatory Mechanisms

MBP06:  Genome Dynamics and Horizontal Gene Transfer

MBP07: Growth & Development of Microbial Cells

MBP08: Metabolic Networks and Microbial Physiology 

MBP09:  Molecular Biology & Physiology of Biofilms

MBP10: Motility Mechanisms

MBP11: New Genetic & Genomic Tools 

MBP12: Phage Biology & Genomics  

MBP13: Protein Secretion & Surface Localization 

MBP14: Replication/Repair/Recombination 

MBP15: Stress & Stimulus Response Mechanisms

MBP16: Structural Biology

MBP17: Virus Assembly Mechanisms