Molecular Biology and Physiology

MBPMolecular and Biology and Physiology (MBP) covers the full spectrum of molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie microbiological phenomena. The shared emphasis in the various MBP sub-tracks is to achieve a detailed mechanistic understanding of microbial life at the cellular and molecular level.



MBP01: Structural Biology and Assembly of Complexes

MBP02: Computational Genomics, Databases and Modeling

MBP03: Biology of Eukaryotic Microbes 

MBP04: Gene Regulation and Microbial Stress Responses

MBP05: Genome Dynamics, including Replication, Repair and Recombination

MBP06: Development and Growth of Microbial Cells

MBP07: Metabolism, Enzyme Mechanics and Physiology

MBP08: Biofilms

MBP09: Motility

MBP10: Tools for Genetics and Genomics

MBP11: Phage and Viruses

MBP12: Protein Secretion and Microbial Cell Surfaces


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