4th ASM Conference on Viral Manipulation of Nuclear Processes

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Important Dates

June 29, 2017 
Abstract Submission Opens

July 6, 2017
Online Registration Opens

September 25, 2017
Abstract Submission Deadline
Travel Grant Application Deadline 

October 24, 2017
Early Bird Registration Deadline

November 2, 2017
Hotel Reservation Deadline              

Conference Location

DoubleTree Historic District
181 Church St
Charleston, SC 29401

Join your peers researching how viruses manipulate cellular processes for their own replication focusing on how viruses perturb nuclear functions. Our scope will broaden and embrace diverse virus families, including nuclear DNA & RNA viruses, such as Polyoma-,Papilloma-, Adeno- and Herpesviruses, extending to  HIV, and retroviruses. We will also involve RNA viruses that replicate in the cytoplasm but exploit nuclear functions.

The vigorous conference program will include topics and dialog on subversion of host transcriptional machinery; effects on host DNA repair pathways; epigenetic alterations; viral remodeling of the nucleus; viral induction of the stress response, immune evasion and innate antiviral defense, miRNA regulation; viral effects on the nuclear membrane, and viruses and cancer. Our goal is to integrate discussions on how different viruses have developed strategies to target host nuclear functions. 




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